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MP3 Audio Software
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I want to convert
DVD to iPod
3GP to ipod
WMV to iPod
VOB to iPod
AVI to iPod
DivX to iPod
XviD to iPod
MOV to iPod
ASF to iPod
MPEG to iPod
Video to iPod

DVD to zune
3GP to zune
WMV to zune
VOB to zune
AVI to zune
DivX to zune

XviD to zune
MOV to zune
ASF to zune
MPEG to zune
RM/RMVB to zune
Video to zune

DVD to cellphone video
3GP to cellphone video
WMV to cellphone video
VOB to cellphone video
AVI to cellphone video
DivX to cellphone video
XviD to cellphone video
MOV to cellphone video
MP4 to cellphone video
ASF to cellphone video
MPEG to cellphone video
RMVB to cellphone video
RM to cellphone video

DVD to iPhone
3GP to iPhone
WMV to iPhone
VOB to iPhone
AVI to iPhone
DivX to iPhone
XviD to iPhone
MOV to iPhone
ASF to iPhone
MPEG to iPhone
RM/RMVB to iPhone
Video to iPhone

  Convert your videos or DVD to iPod,cell phone,zune,iPhone,psp!

We accepts payments in United States Dollars, European Union Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and Hong Kong Dollars via all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Eurocard. The online order is encrypted and secure.

The CD-ROM costs an addition fee $12.50. Your CD will be produced and mailed within 24 hours upon payment being received. Shipment by mail may take 2 to 7 business days within the EU and the USA and 10 to 25 business days in other countries and regions.

How long will I have to wait for my order to be processed?

Register Now, Regnow all provide real time secure ordering.

After placing your order you will receive an email in minutes with download instructions and a registration code for the software. The registration code will unlock the software, letting you use all the functions in the software .and add any ringtone to your phone immediately.

Is the registration charge one off, monthly, or on a per copy basis?

The registration charge is a single, one off charge for a registration key for the software. This key will be sent to you immediately after your order is processed by email (The whole process usually takes less than 5 minutes).

Once you have registered your copy of the software you will be able to use the software to add as many files as you like.

Can I pay ( and see the registration cost ) in my local currency?

Register Now can process payments in local currencies. In addition to US Dollars, UK Sterling and Euros, Register Now can also bill locally in Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars.

Are the order forms secure?

Absolutely. All your information is encrypted and sent using the highest levels of security available. Both registration services handle millions of dollars of online orders per year and security is paramount.

Can I pay by telephone or fax?

Yes. Just click on the order form, and when you get to the section requesting payment details you will be given the telephone number you need to call to complete your order without sending your payment information across the internet if you prefer.

How many computers can I use the registration key on?

You are licensed to use the key on one computer. If you change your computer you must uninstall the software from your old pc before registering it on another.

What about Windows keys. Can I change between these?

You are buying a license for the software that will allow you to create keys for either the Windows version. You will receive both a Windows registration code for the Converter in the issue email. If you swap from one system to another you must uninstall the Converter from the old system before registering it on the new one.

Will I receive free updates to the software?

As new devices are being released and added to the software all the time, registered users receive all updates for their version of the Converter free of charge. Please see our release history for details of updates. If you have a registration key and want to update simply download the latest version.

Can I let my friends use the Converter?

By all means, invite your friends round to your house and add files to their devices using your computer, but please do not share the registration codes with you friends. The Converter is not expensive, please help keep it that way.

I'm having problems ordering using my free email address - help?

Ideally if you have an email address with your ISP, use this to order. If you prefer to use your free email address and have problems placing an order with one registration service, please try the other.From time to time each of the registration services will decide they get a large number of fraudulent orders from Hotmail, Yahoo or other free email addresses and refuse to accept orders from them, whilst the other service will allow them.

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